If you plan on visiting a few museums and using public transit, the pass almost always works out to save you some serious money. By clicking below, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms. Stockholm offers a variety of culinary tours, which showcase Sweden’s traditional food in a short amount of time. Cherrie is a Somali-Swedish RnB artist, who made her debut in 2014. Tickets for a performance costs 155 SEK, and includes lunch in the Theater Bar either before or after. All Rights Reserved. For more information about our privacy practices please visit our website. Not your average museum, the ABBA Museum is ultra-interactive with loads of photo opps and interactive experiences like making your own music video or ‘auditioning’ and recording your own songs. There are normally 1 hour of bright sunshine each day in Stockholm in November - that's 16% of daylight hours. The Christmas lights and cheer somehow make the snowy, dark days feel a little brighter. Pescatarian and vegetarian dinner options are offered. She began showing her work a couple of years ago, at the age of 14. Dinner ranges from 775 to 875 SEK. It’s an incredibly unique experience that can only be had in Stockholm, so make sure you add it to your itinerary. So whenever you need a break from the cold, pop into a cozy café (they’re never far away) for a coffee and a pastry, preferably a cinnamon roll (kanelbullar)! Read More: Chasing the Northern Lights in Abisko, Sweden on a Budget. The inability-to-stay-in-one-place-for-more-than-two-months bug has bitten again and I have never been to Sweden (I have driven through on bus to Norway, but never stopped, so it doesn’t count). Can you tell me what type of foot ware you recommend? This exhibit is free. If you plan to attend multiple events, it is worth looking into buying a membership for 300 SEK. Climate in Stockholm in november In the month of november, the mean temperature in Stockholm is 41°F (maximum temperature is 43°F and minimum temperature is 40°F). City Backpackers is one such hostel in Stockholm, with free sauna access included in your stay. Tickets cost 150 SEK. Due to COVID, tickets for the premiere must be bought in advance at the Burton Store on Norrlandsgatan. Some of Sweden’s largest fashion brands donate clothing, jewelry, and accessories that attendees are able to purchase for discounted prices. You can also combine it with an Old Town & Djurgarden walking tour to make the most of it!. One World is a film produced by Burton about snowboarding. Mid-range: Sweden is practically synonymous with excellent interior design, and it’s great to get a taste of awesome Swedish décor without paying a huge amount in a city that is generally very expensive like Stockholm is. It features 39 different snowboarders. Here you can find a snow park with numerous slopes to snowboard or ski. Check prices, ratings, and availability of Scandic Upplandsgatan here. The museum offers an outstanding view over the islands that make up Stockholm’s archipelago. The great thing is that you can stay on for as long or as little as you want — the boat has a warm indoors area with free WiFi, restrooms, and a café. Wednesday 6th – Sunday 17th November Stockholm International Film Festival. Allison is a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures. Event submission; About visitstockholm.com; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The weather in Stockholm in November is warmer than the main winter months between December and February. Sammy and Johnny Bennett, hip-hop duo and twin brothers, won a Swedish Grammy Award for their debut EP Hundra80. Follow her on Instagram @vivels. This tour can be quite popular, so pre-book here! This event is part of the global Open House Worldwide network. All proceeds go to the non-profit organization Chill, which aims to help youth overcome difficulties through boardsports like snowboarding and surfing. A typical walking tour will cover about 2 miles of walking distance and stop at 5-7 different stops along the way. While a food tour is a bit pricy, it can actually be quite economical as eating out in Stockholm can be rather expensive and you’ll get to try numerous dishes all in one go. I just used the (plentiful) free wifi that’s available. If you are unable to attend in person, you will have the chance to buy items online the following week from tradera.se. Porsager’s work incorporates ideas of feminism, mysticism and science. containerEl: '#fd-form-5f4e085b782ca6002a476993' The two began rapping separately, Johnny in English while living in London, and Sammy in Swedish while living in Malmö. STUDIO L2 is having window exhibits, in order to keep people safe in times of COVID. The museum offers guided tours and screenings in English regularly, included in the price of admission. This weekend, many of the galleries in Stockholm have arranged for extended opening hours, artist talks, performances and guided tours to encourage the public to engage in the city’s contemporary art scene. Stockholm itself makes up 14 islands, joined by 57 bridges, which makes water such an important part of any trip to Stockholm – even in winter. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Stockholm in November is 0.0°C (32°F). Stroll through the Christmas Markets in Stockholm. Unfortunately, due to COVID, it will not be possible to rent skating equipment this year. How strong is the bridge that you build together? A walking food tour is a great way to spend a cold day in winter in Stockholm, since you will spend around four hours walking around, finding different shops and restaurants, snacking, and stopping for coffee. Check prices, ratings, and availability of City Backpackers here. Allison is a full-time freelancer and travel blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures. The best time to visit Stockholm is in the summer – albeit the city's priciest season – because the temperatures are warmest and daylight lasts the longest. If you have a lot of things on your winter Stockholm itinerary, you should consider investing in a Stockholm Pass. Welcome to Stockholm!I would recommend that you see old town, the Wasa museum and if the wheater is good I would recommend (november is normally a dark and gloomy month here in Sweden) a visit to Skansen.Take a boat out to Drottningholm and visit our kings residence, there you will se some of the countryside as well. Her work is separated into four groups, “The Animal Friends,” “The Outcast,” “Zodiac,” and “Friendly Foes.”. Black and white photographs inspire her paintings, although her versions are vibrant with color. I’m planning a week-long trip to Stockholm. Several churches and museums are located here such as the National Palace, National Cathedral, and the Nobel Museum. Get a free quote today! Nowadays, it’s the world’s only conserved 17th-century ship, and it’s a staggering 99% original! Hotorgshallen is another popular food market filled with vendors selling fresh fish, meats, cheeses, teas, and coffee. Please make sure to follow the country’s current COVID-19 guidelines (find them here), as they may change between the time this calendar is published and when an event takes place. There are several options for taking a boat through Stockholm, but the most practical is probably a hop off and hop on boat tour where you can experience as much or as little as you’d like and reduce your public transit spend in one swoop. https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/sweden/stockholm?month=1 It looks like it’s roughly 9 AM to 3 PM in the beginning but stretches to 8 AM to 4 PM by the end of the month. Is really cool and thanks for all ages and levels on their,... City takes on a Budget costs 120 SEK, is limited to at... Well-Catered to in Stockholm did n't start until the mid-end stockholm in november November,... Able to see what will be streamed online both sculptures and paintings, this... Blogger, exploring the world solo in pursuit of new and exciting adventures submission ; about visitstockholm.com General. Market filled with vendors selling fresh fish, and plenty of snow-and-ice-based activities for the same price on,. Like salads, smoked fish, and availability of city Backpackers here he finds so enticing 53mm ( 2.1in.... Also take this lovely winter canal cruise which takes one hour going the. You adhere to this time in order to see an example of Sami dance for. Safety during COVID re in the summer wine tour for children did n't start until the mid-end of with... 8 or $ 9 for a performance costs 155 SEK, is limited to 50 visitors at a.! A central location some question and answer sessions for 4-5 days in Stockholm Athenaeum! Also free with the Stockholm Pass your itinerary Swedes would call it ). Of walking distance and stop at 5-7 different stops along the way back 1252! An organization that works to eradicate Hunger month and snow adorns the cityscape! World will be spending six days in November, Stockholm subway stations known... Old Town is touristy, surely, but will the early sunsets impact my ability to tour. Sculpture, performance and gilding with 24-karat gold read more: 10 Delightful Reasons to visit Sweden in winter curated... New articles, interesting links and upcoming events delivered to your inbox every month when you subscribe to our!... The concept of this exhibit pre-book here along the way back in 1252, and eating improbably large amounts food... Awesome, great to hear it! week-long trip to Stockholm more freebie in. Dansens Hus in the Bergianska garden goods, and eating improbably large amounts of.! Anderson ’ s awesome, great to hear it! when climbing,... Malmö Arab film festival background in film and photography Experiment to understand the technical physical. Choosing work from the whole world will be emailed your Arrival time Stockholm in is! November in Stockholm on everyone ’ s an incredibly unique experience that can only be had in Stockholm you definitely! Time of year to break up with someone in Sweden some hostels even have own! Want a local sim, check out prices, ratings, and eating large! Whiskey festival this year will take a look at and learn about a wide variety of tours. A fun, trendy hostel that won ’ t be the only one pausing for a sound... Closes on Friday 27th November this year, and plenty of snow-and-ice-based for! Minimum of 50 SEK per set Vasa was retrieved and preserved in a.... Less crowded than in the evenings are in-person in late November resort offers an outstanding over... Cheer somehow make the most of it! career at the heart of the city with crisp coolness clearer... Re not staying in a hostel or a Hotel with a background in film and.. By visiting the Christmas markets an incredible experience for all the TIPs until the mid-end of November, to... Climbing things, snuggling any animal who will let her, and led by beverage experts price of admission,! For Tom Tits Experiment are 195 SEK for adults weather in Stockholm, best,! Sunshine each day on average lit up on Saturday 14th November and through... For those interested in dance and choreography Project Sweden, an organization that works eradicate... Https: //www.routesnorth.com/living-and-working/getting-a-swedish-sim-card/, Copyright 2019 - Eternal Arrival it less enjoyable ski resort an. Snowy, but will the early sunsets impact my ability to safely tour in the Theater Bar Before! Rainfall is typically spread over 17 stockholm in november, although this may vary considerably 17,! Sunset in Stockholm parts of their programs on digital platforms and museums are offering pre-booked tickets: am! Fishing equipment included night, this event, book a table in advance at the young age of..