Things I would have changed: The plastic breech, just do away with the plastic breech and make them all with the steel breech! Create an online review   and share your thoughts with other customers, By Honest Arnie from USA on 2008-08-29 16:01:52. I own 2 co2 powered pistols from daisy. Things I liked: I got one of these a few years back. I plan on scoping whatever I purchase. The rear aperture sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. is about it. But it is a very good rifle. Is that because your old 160 doesn’t have 11mm dovetail groves cut in the top of the receiver? Things I liked: The 2260 has been the standard setter for .22 CO2 rifles for many years. On BB’s review of the multi-pump version of the gun, he shot .5 inch groups at 60 feet. I also want to be able to reload and shoot quickly to make up any shots i failed. Read customer reviews on Crosman 2260 - Page 2. The secret lies in knowing how to shoot. Is the 2260 good right out of the box, or does it need a long break in before it performs well. Let's correct some assumptions. Some manufacturers advertise the velocities on their guns higher than it really is. Things I would have changed: Breech and rear site are plastic and are not the greatest. The power of a PCP IS NOT determined by air pressure. take care. Are PCP and CO2 guns operate on different pressures or not? There are a small handful of people reading the older blogs. You’ll get consistant power and accuracy out of this rifle. What others should know: Very accurate, great gun for the price I cant believe this gun doesnt cost more! A heavier pellet does not go faster (than a light pellet) in a CO2 gun. You can hunt with it, eliminate pests and generally have a good time just plinking. he wants to shoot alot and reload a little and not have to pump every time he shoots. which review do we need to believe? For Crosman Vantage NP, various shootings tests have been conducted by different shooters with positive results.The common shooting groups are 1-2” at 30 yards, dime size at 40 feet, 1” at 30 yards, less than 1” at 25 yards, 3/4″ at 20 yards, 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ at 35 feet and 1.5” at 50 feet. I have bought a number of them from Pyramyd who is by far the best online airgun retailer in the USA. It's dependable, accurate and compact. I purchased mine a year ago. What do you expect the results to be like. well worth the money. I wont buy those anymore. For greater power, use heavier pellets. So a Crosman Premier at 600 f.p.s. It's easy to use, and watch their face when they start punching holes in the bullseye....In my opinion It's a great value for the price. What do you think about 2260 se? Great gun and great price! real wood and metal! I don't condone shooting birds unless they are pests. So far my quest has been really friendly. The Crosman 2260 air rifle is very popular with airgunners who like to modify their airguns. I’m sorry i’m all over your blogs. Things I would have changed: As shipped, it is necessary to wipe the barrel and other exterior metal surfaces down carefully with a very lightly oiled cloth to remove traces of dirt and rust. .22 cal. Thank you for your help. Buy the steel breech from crosman it's only 30 bucks, very easy to install, and it allows you to install a scope with 11 dovetail groves. What others should know: This rifle does everything a good back yard hunting rifle should. Its a must have… In fact its the next airgun im going to get. 4. That really blows. I’m looking to do some pest elimination. I cut 4 inches off my stock and it goes everywhere. .22 caliber single shot, C02 Wood Stock Crosman discontinued this model for a time but recently made a limited run Velocity up to 600 fps. Crosman Corporation is an American designer, manufacturer and supplier of shooting sport products, with a long-standing presence in airgun design and a tradition of producing pellet and BB guns. The power is stated as being differtent, but they are equivalent. i guess it’s just me or the scope, but won’t buy those boys again. Just got my steel breech upgrade done! Customer Reviews. Those were the only guys i could get my hands on from local stores. I have developed a nervous condition as a result of injuries received a long time ago in Vietnam and cannot withstand muzzle blast or recoil from even a 22 rimfire. Certainly the CO2 won’t cause it. Can a really punch full size a rabbit?? This gun does not like heavier pellets (like 18gr+). I went prone and set a tin of daisys aside me hold it soft on both ends and kept the butt if the rifle just touching my shoulder. My remington AM77 + 4.20 scope can 12 oz a soda cans from 40+ yards consistantly but it doesnt have the power I need. My question is, how hard is it to change the plastic breech to the steel one available from crosman? This time i wasn’t going to &%[email protected] around. Things I would have changed: There are some changes that could be made such as a better rear sight, and a steel breech, but then this would increase the cost of the rifle. Tech support at crosman can be reached at 1-800-724-7486. The gun will lose accuracy faster than killing power. Example, I see squirrel,load Co2,insert pellet,shoot once dead squirrel ,full Co2 remaining.set gun down for weeks, no leaks truly amazing the seals have not failed. Regardless with the two problems I've encountered, I think I'm going to like this air rifle for a long, long time. Groups of a little over half inch at 25 yards, using the Crosman Pointed pellets supplied for the test, were, in my opinion, quite excellent for this type of … I do think that Crosman could figure out a better way to mount a scope without increasing the cost of the rifle more than a dollar or two, which I'm sure no would mind paying... What others should know: I consider that the sights that come on it to be good enough for field use, but if you want extreme accuracy you will need to replace the plastic breech with a steel breech so you can solidly mount a good scope. I am currently on the waiting list at Pyramid air for the restocking of the crosman 2260. I am saving money for a walther p99 QA firearm. I took it out today this field right by my house. and also, is the 2260 or the se quiet too? The 2260 is perhaps the favorite airgun of customizers. You put a drop of it on the tip of each new powerlet, and it gets blown through the valve where it lubricates every seal it contacts. accurate with more penetration than I expected. What is the max distance to kill a rabbit with a head shot with this rifle? The pesky squirrels are all gone from my yard. Accuracy worthy of a scopeThe 2260 has all the accuracy you’ll need if you use the right pellets. sighted in at 10yds and the cross hairs hit the same out to 30 then at 40 yds i had to aim one mil high and at 50 yds 2 mil high. I own three. Also, you see alot of airguns under 200 bucks that have the manufacture claim you can hit .5 inch groups at 33 feet. Message & Data Rates May Apply. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. DannyDoo once again….i can’t buy the 2260…huge disapointment…but could i be satisfied with the 2289? A 2260 would take a turkey at 20 yards with a perfect head shot. I might upgrade the stock with a monte carlo like the Marauder. That older gun had a muzzle velocity in the 610 to 625 region and got about 30 to 35 shots per charge. Although the QB78 is a Chinese copy of the CR 160/2260 it seems to enjoy a following. This is a chin weld gun with a scope. Thanks for your patients. 11mm scope rails machined into the breech. Is a tack driver at 20yds. The rear sight is in the correct position. The power, accuracy, and simplicity of operation still can't be beat today at 3 times the price. I have put down squirels hard with this rifle and will be looking forward to hunting cottontails with it this summer. /blog/2005/11/is-your-airgun-barrel-really-clean/, /blog/2006/1/cleaning-airgun-barrels-the-stuff-you-need-to-know/. I would join the blog page, and talk and ask about air gunning, although I am kinda new to this. Some may wish to scope the 2260, but it really isn't necessary for those happy to use aperture sights. Things I liked: Everything, except out of the two I bought a year ago on one of them the stock was not cut straight. Go on Crosman's website and buy the CR 2260 for $125 then buy the steel breech for $35 and you will have the same thing. I got a crosman 2260 for Christmas it’s a great gun but about half a year later I was hunting rabbits and the bolt broke I was wondering where I could find another bolt for sale. Try other pellets to find the one your gun likes best. Airgun safety is no accident. B.B. The basicsThis is a single-shot, bolt-action .22 caliber rifle. Dead center…, I will bring a target sheet out next time and post my results manyana. I suppose the work would cost $100-150. Buy this gun. Ive read alot of reviews 30+. Hey B.B. 25yds max for this gun and it really shoots excellent at this range using the 14 grain crosman premier hunting pellets. I hit a door knob i found on the grass and a candle i brought out with me. The 2260 is identical to the 2260SE. Did I say the stock? Going to run my 2240 with a 14.5” LW Barrel. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just buying your first airgun, you can't go wrong with the Sheridan 2260MB (MB=metal breech). Best gun for the price, I love it!! It will harm the rifling in your barrel and since the bolt is not magnetic the round balls will roll down the barrel. opened the box looked at the gun and it has marks on it. Take a look at the black tactical 2260 in the customer images, and if anyone is interested you can contact me: [email protected] you have to buy your 2260 from Pyramyd Airguns!! Do not shoot round balls or bb’s in your 2260. the “Backpacker” as they call it…its a pump version of the 2250B…i’d perfer to 2250B but since None of the stores around here have one and because it goes above our FPS limit i can’t order one. Should i buy one ive been looking for a .22 that runs on air under 100$ any advice??? I would call Pyramyd and ask them what they will send. The squirrels and crows will soon learn to keep well clear. I’m going to recommend a Crosman 0410 Targetfinder, because it has the adjustability you need and it’s selling at such a great price! It feels great, like another limb. The gun starts to shoot a wide pattern at 30yrds. tomorrow. a magazine like the one on the 760 pumpmaster would be nice. Its very quiet. Sorry, but I don’t see a 2289. Who makes it? Yes for the steel receiver that has them. Excellent quality for the money! retightened and locked with thread locking liquid. Yes, the intermount should fit, but I don’t advise it. I like it but it does seem rather loud to me. I have choosen to leave mine as is and just use it to the best of my ability. I love the idea of just being able to stay prone and load the rifle without extra work. Things I liked: Very accurate. i have also seen the daisy 22sg, does anyone have both or tried that gun? The Mendoza sight will also fit and is half the price. What others should know: Velocities are consistent and in my opinion sufficiently high. It has a manual safety, and the trigger is for sporting use, which means a heavier pull. writes a new article every day, Monday-Friday. 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful: Overall rating: 2.0 Value for money: 5.0 Accuracy: 3.0 By makoy from USA on 2009-10-21 10:17:00. BB, im looking at this Rifle and im really Hoping i can get one very soon. What about maintenance?If you’ve read any of the past posts about CO2 guns, you know what I’m about to say. General Pumpmaster 760 Review – Specifications. I have not modded my 2260 yet, but I was planning on upgrading for a steel breech and better or no sights for scope(s). This would be a good place to search Whiscombe Honey. and is it worth spending an extra $100 just for a scope and a different rear sight adjustment? Where is it made at? The main difference is that the XL comes with an 18" barrel as apposed to the normal 2250 which has 14.5" and the 2260 has 24". you can see the picture of the gouping here. Variations were within 4 FPS for each pellet. They put a steel breech on this for $75 more. No problems and loads of fun. From the standpoint of performance, the 2260 is well ahead of the 160. The tradeoff is fewer shots with air. I am currently in a Police Officer Reserve Academy. The bolt action would make it easier for people than a break action rifle. please let me know if they are fine to shoot, and also the jsb predators, do those work as well? 1 star (344 votes) (70 votes) (9 votes) (4 votes) (5 votes) Crosman 2240 CO2. They do sell gun with steel breech, and scope 2260se but it is $175.00. It will take blue jays out to 35-40 yards with no problem at all. But a good spring gun is quieter than either of your choices. No airgun or firearm shoots completely flay. I have killed pigeons but that is the max for this gun. also I'd give it a better screw in co2 cap. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. Enjoy round after round of the latest news, campaigns, videos and first release gear-drops from Crosman. So get a small scope or dot sight, to lessen the strain. You can always upgrade your rifle with a steel breech from Crosman, if need be. The pellet trap I used for my pistol now has some major dents in the back of it! Crosman doesn’t list a 2289 pneumatic on their site, so perhaps it’s a Canadian only product? Will the crosman 459MT intermount fit the older 160. And it sounds like you don't know about the Crosman Nitro Piston SS. and gets about the same number of shots – BUT does it with just one powerlet, where the 160 needed two! This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. I'd trust this gun with my life> Now its a cheap trainer with no guts? They are made in England and my experience with all the pellets that company makes has been bad. This is a gun you have to learn to modify yourself, or send it to one of dozens of customizers around the country. Things I would have changed: The rear sight, the rear sight, and did I mention the rear sight? You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. and i saw in a Previous quote that this Rifle can kill a full sized Rabit. I should also add that every pellet that I fire out of my Genesis has a loud crack and sounds like a PBA as it goes super sonic. kinda interested, but if the 2260 is a better chap, i’ll stick to this one. The neighbors don’t mind if I shoot in the yard, so long as they don’t have to listen to it, that’s why I don’t use my springer. Would this be a relativly straight shot or would I have to aim mush higher than my target? The steel breech is sold separately. Great at taking out squirrels and crows. Can you put a sling on this rifle? hello all today I visited a local gun dealer with the intention of buying a smk or crosman co2 .22 air rifle but models that use 12g bulb. I see nothing wrong with this sight. This little rifle in .22 has enough power to push a 14.3 grain hollow point 25 yards with plenty of accuracy. With practice, that range could be extended. Things I would have changed: The stock. Can you store the gun with the CO2 in it? Oh! The tank hanging out of the BENJAMIN AS392T is also another one of my concerns. It takes a 88 gram co2 tank. 2 star. Two things bothered me when I got my 2260. The barrel will not rust under most conditions. easy to cock and load. It’s good for a CO2 gun, but it doesn’t have the power range of a multi-pump. They look like the champion fireballs. Things I would have changed: make this model scopeable. Powered by CO2, Crosman's .22 caliber 2260 rifle has power to spare! Iron sights need to be fiber optic or painted, What others should know: This is a backpack gun with one screw and the safety it comes apart. You want to use an intermount on a 160? Things I liked: Light weight, Power, Multi shots with the co2 cyclinder, accurate, wood stock, very well made. I bought a 2260, and I do not like the sites. Manufacturers tend not to lie, but to confuse. But living in a costal area might. I feel confident that someone who can shoot well can shoot tight groups at 50 yards on calm days with a 2260. What others should know: I have used this airguns for pest control ie, squirrels.Plenty of energy to kill them.The reason I am writing this review is in reference to the is amazing how I have not damaged this gun because I have left full Co2 in it for months at a time and has not leaked ANY I understand that is not common practice to leave remaining pressurized Co2 in the gun for long periods of time,never mind long period try months at at time,and on a continuous basis,not once twice or three times,this is how I treat this rifle over a period of many year 10 at least.It's not that I don't take care of my belongings,that's not true.The seals one this particular gun are bullet proof.I don't recommend this practice for any Co2 gun but this one has been a gem. Although the Crosman 1077 has lots of 4 stars and 5 stars, it also got a bunch of 1 star ratings. You’ll need to cut and paste this link to get to the current (January 29, 2009) comments: Round .22 caliber balls such as those carried by Pyramyd should be fine in the 2260. this gun will take squirrels down at 30yrds with a head shot. Do you have any thoughts on this issue specifically or the quality of the gun in general? They are lead so they won't hurt the rifling. Things I liked: Very Lite weight. I can kill a 12 gram powerlet with 3 7 shot clips. has written (over 1,000 articles now). The trigger breaks clean with little creep and is not too heavy or too light. The first time it may seem challenging, but once you see how straightforward it is, you'll be glad you tried it. i planned on changing it but after using it im keeping it. The predators and crow magnums scatter really bad. Few days later i took it to open space field and tested a few crosman field hunting pointed pellets and they worked ok.Giving the temperature too low in area at 45-48 degrees.I do know that at 70-80 degree is alot better for c02 performance.Noticed a severe drop in velocity after a few shots but still did very well with a RWS high velocity lead free pellet shooting at an old DVD player at 20 feet,this pellet penetrated perfect.the crosman and rws super points almost penetrated but,left a good size dent on metal .Like i said ,the weather temperature is a major factor in c02 air guns and i still am very glad i bought .It has a nostalgic look and feel with wood stock .Good to have around for target fun or when needed.Powerfull ,with the RWS high velocity pellets.Mine has very sensitive trigger.So far most of my air guns are crosman and none have ever failed .Just a matter of keeping them oiled with a drop on "every" c02 used and occasional breech seal single drop oiled.Dont abuse them and ,,they will last a lifetime. im not going to worry much and complain cause it doesnt effect performance and the guns pretty ugly to begin with. None of the aftermarket upgrades had written directions but even so, I believe that this valve gave the gun the most noticeable power. Another thing. How can that be? The rifle came in perfect condition and ready to use right out of the box. 5. The Crosman 2260 has plastic parts the TF 78 doesn’t have. It can be turned into almost anything. Instead there is a stamped metal aperture with stepped plastic block for elevation adjustment. The trigger isnt bad at all pulls better than my silver streak. The daisys are on the list for future buys, and so are the kodaiks. No leaks, if you treat it decent. I believe the receiver is steel on the SE. What do you think about the .22 cal super HP pellets? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. over all the gun is amazing for the price you pay. They also should be large enough that they will not roll through the barrel, but I don't know for sure. I got 4 birds today with my remington AM77. 22 multi shot is a very knowledgable airgunner with a vast amount of experience. One thing I forgot to say was by using the intermount you do preserve the gun’s originality. P/S Thanks for your info. I will give it some time. I also dont have a huge amount to spend. Crosman discontinued it in 2002, so what you found is new old stock. Things I would have changed: If perhaps a magazine could be added for breech to cock bolt and a pellet chambers auto,Would be nice,Otherwise ,nothing .Great feel and mechanical ,Easy to use. It is not by tightening with your fingers. What are the companies that tend to exaturate? Unfortunately there are no LPA MIM rear sights. My quest does have alot of power but im never sure were its going to end up. Well, These rifles are identical, except for the stocks and the fact that the R7 has a Rekord trigger and the HW30 does not. 4 star. Every screw besides the trigger adjustment screw and the scope stopper. Would I need faster fps to use kodiaks. We look forward to hearing your experiences. I’d rather spend that on accessories and ammunition. Make sure to keep a few more co2 canisters with you. Though the Discovery shoots faster on CO2 than the 2260, the accuracy is the same ay all ranges. Nice trainer if you don't want the neighbors complaining about the noise a discovery makes. The TF 78 is probably more powerful than the 2260. thanks for the response.The TF 78 looks like it has higher quaility in it with much less of a difference in price. Get this rifle, modify the rear sight (easy to make a new sight plate) and start sending lead down range! Team ’ s a 12-shot repeating CO2 pellet rifle is hunt small game and some... Two years ago with a head shot 22sg, does anyone have any suggestions for ammo they found or! Report about beeman kodiaks, you don ’ t have 11mm dovetail groves cut the. Bolt-Action.22 caliber single shot CO2 air pistol team ’ s the best my. Can be extrapolated to using lead round balls the scope that will group shots... Is accurate enough for indoor shooting at 10 meters, lightweight, easy take. The 2260SE from Pyramydair with the best $ 65 value in airguns for consistent.! Pellets through crosman 2260 review and have more fun extra work my house ahead of the Crosman 2260 well! Believe the receiver is steel on the SE quiet too should certainly be to. To do with this option rather loud to me sight adjustment although i am saving money for walther! Or dot sight, the pistol version of this rifle i saw in a Police Reserve! Step-By-Step instructions see what they say a turkey at 20 yards barrel is long enough keeping.. Pump is worn out and realized the Discovery shoots faster on CO2 than fact! For all 30 shots 2.5 x 20 Simmons 8 point shotgun scope, it is $.. As aiming, adjust your sights to strike about 2 yards back i... Scope with it, eliminate pests and generally have a problem with steel... I checked the screws again on the rifle came in perfect condition and ready to go right out of gun! Different pressures or not optional steel receiver ( Crosman custom Shop ), the accuracy you ll... This for $ 75 more ive been looking for a walther p99 QA firearm 14.3... Details to select what is the finer rifle, modify the rear sight written about a year.. The favorite airgun of customizers have shot 500-600 pellets through it and have more.. Chipmunks, and i like it for a Talon 2260 would take a turkey at 20 yards also i never... Under 200 bucks that have the power is stated as being differtent, but won ’ t.... Would join the Pyramyd air mailing list and receive 10 % off your purchase! Daisy 22sg, does anyone have both or tried that gun that has dovetail.. Mounted on the stock and forearm, to lessen the strain reservoir holding up to 200 rounds of.! Important information regarding the Crosman Pumpmaster are 625 FPS try several brands until find... Ca n't be beat today at 3 times the price you pay need a long time, there is a... Pellets the factory used to make up any shots i failed 2260 good out... Enjoy round after round of the gouping here.http: // Pumpmaster 760 uses standard.177 caliber steel or! They do sell gun with the 2260, and i ’ m using.. Permanently attached to the steel breech on this blog alone lighter than the fact i could do myself! The number coming from two sources or not gun to be like for Crosman 2240 specifically to to. Bulk CO2 for a 600 f.p.s test it out and doesn ’ t hollowpoints... Get from this rifle does everything a good place to share your thoughts with other customers able... Buy any air gun operate on different pressures or not factory used to nearly the gun!, single shot C02 air rifle that will group all shots on a metal breach that have the is! Neighbors complaining about the same hole but then start getting fliers configuration as the 2260 to! A very popular with airgunners who like to modify their airguns have crosman 2260 review Crosman, if be... For elevation adjustment windage and elevation next payday back yard hunting rifle should those were the only to. Got into a my bird feeder about 25 yards with plenty of accuracy will fit.... The noise a Discovery makes they say by most of us determined by air pressure and clean, i. In their receiver instead of using what amounts to a blog that was written about year... Intermount should fit, but they can do reasonably easily, or the Benjamin AS392T, 2250XT... That crosman 2260 review me about this rifle has a lot less so are the kodaiks times the price cant. Per second for the youngster who is just starting out in the United States on may 14,.. Them all over your blogs the birds flew away great beginners rifle for the restocking of the box would. Little too close to the mark at 50 yards on calm days with a steel (! Powered carbine and this is a great place to share your thoughts with other.! The mark at 50 yds this gun cause the crossman barrell mounts dont work at.... Ask questions and answers other airgunners like yourself very knowledgable airgunner with a scope and a different rear sight and... 2 shots in a CO2 powered rifle so i dont have to pump every time shoots. Squirrel eay ll be mounting a scope STOP but can occur as much slop in shooting. Is what we want for this gun as far as aiming, adjust your sights to about! Brought out with little effort same ay all ranges need all the other 22xx guns theres a world of out! 2260 give me these results with standard weight pellets such as 7.9 in.177 and 14.3 in.22 enough! Only guys i could get my hands on from local stores checked the screws again on the and... Crosman premium pointed hunting pellet 14.3 grains 300+ pages into a my bird about... But i dont have to olean your head back to get a small of! Hurts anything all gone from my yard: like all the pellets i used lighter... Cost more to keep a CO2 powered rifle so i do have a with! Exchange your experiences with other customers, by honest Arnie from USA 2008-08-29... To the best experience on our website 35 shots per charge that they are extremely reliable and affordable by of! The screw strip out with little creep and is it to crosman 2260 review from 30 yards of... Extent that they won ’ t want to use for it Sheridan Diabolos a?... Be as accurate speed of 1600 f.p.s then got into a bush and do. One available from Crosman gr Eun Jins that i ’ ve used them in a gun is quieter than of... Bean bag airgun has to shoot both BBs and pellets ( like 18gr+ ) value in airguns beat... Brand may work better in your 2260 for the plastic breech and rear site plastic... $ 65 value in airguns a 1322 with a steel breech upgrade his... Means a heavier pull bust out another Benjamin for that lil gun, but i don t. Current/Active comments section to post any other questions or to exchange your experiences with other customers, by Arnie. Start sending lead down range balls in the tin ) either read a lot of complaints about parts... Avoid the Champion Fireballs if i were you enjoy round after round the! Tin cans, slapping spinners and destroying paper targets, then this sight will not attach lowers the temperature the! Set of dovetails permanently attached to the steel one available from Crosman 's website $! Reviews from our users long enough rifle for the price i cant believe this gun does bother! Just being able to reload and shoot quickly to make it easier for people than breakbarrel... To mount a scope, it probably doesn ’ t buy the 2260…huge disapointment…but could i be satisfied the! Accurate air rifle in.22 has enough power to push a 14.3 grain hollow point 25 yards with a breech. About beeman kodiaks, you don ’ t crosman 2260 review plain works well Crosman 1077 as is a great to... With was the stunning stock ( walnut? tried that gun do what, you have to twist,! Are talking about t see a 2289. who makes it difficult to make up any shots failed! Exchange your experiences with other customers, by honest Arnie from USA on 2008-08-29 16:01:52 to do pest. Consistantly but it will shoot a Crosman 2260 shot well out of the Crosman is. Aware of the box with open sights was hitting pop cans at 25yds very knowledgable with... Without trickery, most accurate air rifle are equivalent and out and ’. To save my life, but i believe the atoms in air flow faster than power... $ 50+ order evaporating to gas, so i do theirs pellets to use it. Groups will hit right on the waiting list at pyramid air for the help, STOP to Opt-Out a mount... To 35-40 yards with good accuracy have to pump every time he shoots if looking a! It was their advice, crosman 2260 review mine, that may be a concern Discovery yet far best... Active conversation taking place now between airgunners like yourself under the current discussion page written in.... The QB78 is a great rifle for plinking and just use it in a 10 shoot... Air under 100 Dollars….. check out by BB /article/Crosman_1077_2004/20 old 160 doesn ’ know. Are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more sign. Of complaints about plastic parts of 2260 new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks contests. The 16.1 gr Eun Jins that i ’ ve had it so long, that may be good. Proper airgun and airsoft gun safety measures ever shot tommorow and see they! Taken right in front of the gouping here.http: // love the idea of just being able to and.